Saachi Gallery's BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON opens

The iconic Saatchi Gallery in London is gearing up to host the most comprehensive graffiti and street art exhibition to ever open in the UK, featuring over 100 international artists. “Beyond the Streets London” is set to take over all three floors of the gallery, and will be open to the public from this February. The exhibition is curated by graffiti historian Roger Gastman.

The event will feature new works, large-scale installations, original ephemera, and fashion that capture the powerful impact of graffiti and street art across the world. Gastman’s curatorial approach will examine the fundamental human need for public self-expression and will highlight artists with roots in graffiti and street art whose work has evolved into highly disciplined studio practices, alongside important cultural figures inspired by this art scene.

Each of the exhibition’s chapters will explore exceptional moments in the history of this artistic movement, including the emergence of punk, the birth of hip-hop (marking its 50th anniversary in 2023), and street culture’s strong influence in fashion and film. The event will feature a wide range of artists such as 10Foot, AIKO, André Saraiva, Beastie Boys, BLADE, Blondie, Charlie Ahearn, Chaz Bojórquez, CRASH, DABSMYLA, Keith Haring, and many more.

The exhibition will showcase works of art by artists who began their careers in the streets, and whose work has since been recognized globally for its unique and powerful voice. These include former train writers who have become powerful large-scale muralists, and artists whose work has been widely commissioned by brands, galleries, and museums.

The exhibition’s opening marks an important moment in the evolution of graffiti and street art as an art form. “Beyond the Streets London” will give audiences the opportunity to engage with the rich and complex history of this genre, and its impact on contemporary culture.